welcome to "today's news"

...and I am sorry, again.

I honestly DO write about stuff that isn't in any way media related in this journal, in fact that is MOST of what is here. But sometimes, like anything, I see a thing, comment on a thing. I'm human.

And today, a thing I did was search DDG for "today's news", because I wanted to hear/see something of...whatever. Good , bad, didn't care - just something going on somewhere for whatever reason.

A couple results showed that monkeypox is becoming a thing. So I looked at the Wikipedia entry for the virus. And I don't know shit about viral infections, how they actually work on a biological level, and I won't speculate with non-educated guesses as to whatever the hell it is/does/how it spreads/or whatever the case.

But a lot of people are getting it (monkeypox) in a lot of countries, and WHO (World Health Org) declared it a global emergency, or something.

I had chickenpox as a kid, so I can't get chickenpox again, but that is different than monkeypox. Not sure why these viral infections are named after animals, but...whatever.

It sounds elaborately alarming by calling it "monkeypox". Like if it were called "wild chimpanzee insanity disorder". Like, "if you get this, life will be an incantation of misery and disgust, and nothing will be good again" (which of course is not the case, but a jarring name with "monkey" in the title makes me think that anything is possible, lol!)

Ok, I'll stop being a sarcastic dil, and just comment on whatever the hell I think about it:

It's bad, and should probably at this point be taken seriously, similar to how COVID-19 was (for the most part) accepted and then dealt with by many in society when the outbreak started in early-2020 (well, started in the West - I'm not sure of the response of citizens in other parts of the world in that period).

So, if it gets to the point where I am buying extra Clorox Wipes, and double-cleaning my apartment everyday, and masking up (again), and more or less staying homebound a lot - it's whatever. No one likes/liked COVID, but doing the right thing is doing the right thing.

I'm in no way saying it would come to that point (meaning, needing to take precaution like we (everyone, or most everyone) did during COVID), but if it does, I have little I can do about it, so I will just "get through it" like anything else.

Other things that are not related to this scenario:

I visited Neighbor "S", and he asked if I could fetch him a pack of smokes from BP, as the temps are climbing, and I agreed, so he gave me money and off I went. We smoked a couple cigs on his balcony, BS'd about this and that, and then I came home and made breakfast.

back soon

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