welcome to TMO's peanut mixing center of divine goods

I needed GORP. Good Ole Raisins and Peanuts. For flavor purposes. But I needed to increase my GOOD cholesterol, as well. So two birds with one stone - I bought peanuts (dry roasted) in bulk and then Sun Maid Raisins in bulk, and then Schnucks brand whole cashews, in bulk, and set to mixing them all together in a huge pasta dish, and then distributing them back into their bulk containers. Now I have GOOD cholesterol maximizing peanut + dried fruit mix en masse, and I won't have to worry about scarfing down straight peanut butter twice a day just to keep my numbers up.

Also pictured, bananas. Not included in the mixing formula. They were just on the counter.

I will snack on this mix for quite some time, and keep my GOOD cholesterol where it needs to be + avoid any further leg/butt cheek pain due to lack of vein health. I'm a week on from that torture, and it was like stretched rubber bands that pumped blood.

The sun is setting. And I can "Expect heavy rain in the next hour", according to the Weather.com widget on my MBA. Delightful.

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