Been watching clips of Nirvana "being comedians" on YouTube this evening. Funny guys (sometimes). Before that, I was watching The 8-Bit Guy on my television, because I had the MacBook rigged up to it. So that was fun.

Now, coffee #2 of the morning (I just finished a mug, and now onto another).

So, I kinda get the "jist" (gist?) of what this post could be, or would be, in most contexts. It's late (or early-AM) and I mention the BS I gotta do in the morning, and talk about stuff that crosses my mind. But, I'll try to make ish more "exciting", for ME, in the near future.

I really like the "structured theme" of tmo snapping (a couple photos a day, some words about them), so, I can make this blog kinda/sorta "about" a thing every few posts(?) perhaps.

It's all up in the air, as is everything blog-related. I rant about my good/bad emotions, how great/terrible my day is going, budgetary stuff (that's sort of theme-like), web dev stuff, all that jazz. And that works, because this is a journal, and it's all for S&G's, anyway.

Either way, I want to do something a bit more exciting in terms of WHAT I write about. I don't know if I will figure that out.

Anyway, back soon