welcome to the hot, humid, rainless town of Oakville - thunder city

No rain right now. Just a dark sky, BIG blasts of thunder, and lightning that is near-blinding when it explodes in the air (oftentimes at the exact same time as the thunder - so, it's right on top of us).

I was napping a bit ago, and then the apartment shook from thunder, so I just got up, because I knew it would all continue, and now I sit at the desk with the sliding glass door open (slightly) with the thick, humid air coming in, AC turned OFF, and awaiting what I expect to be a very heavy rainstorm.

Crickets, or locusts, or whatever it is that chirps in the trees are going apeshit - either as some sort of inter-species warning of the fact that they are about to get drowned out, or perhaps "Hail Mary'ing" a mating call to get in one last spin around the block before their soaking doom takes their lives.

I don't speak insect, I just know they are loud.

The day was well spent, and uneventful. Nary a time comes when those two things happen on the same day. Just a brief visit with Neighbor "S" (who was home, and is alive - just innoculated on whiskey while sitting upwards in his chair, which caused worry for me, as I thought he may have died, as I saw him through the window, but he didn't answer when I knocked. But he's fine. Old/tired, but fine). Other than stopping by over there, a walk to Schnucks happened, tea was bought and consumed by the time I got back home in the 90+ degree heat and 90+ percent humidity. Spam call notifications piled up on my phone (which I purchased a domain from GoDaddy this morning, without "Whois" protection, so I can draw a connection there, perhaps). I cobbled together rawtxt.digital which is an ongoing and continual WIP, but something to add to every now and then. And now icing the day's cake with a thunder/lightning storm, and hopefully some rain to go with it.

On with the eve!

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