I am making coffee, and the sun is out, birds chirping, sky is cloudless, and everything seems calm. nnI walked to Schnucks, got a few things, walked back, re-did a smol bit of the budget (realized I needed to allocate more $$ for groceries for a while, and *less* for tobacco gear (even though I will still have plenty of tobacco gear)). nnAnd then I started a blog post, decided mid-paragraph that “I am not in the mood” (or, I lost interest in what I was writing), so, I scrapped that post, moved on and made coffee.nnGood coffee, too.nnNo idea what the day will bring, but I think I am confirming a time/date for my next therapy appointment. That is the plan, anyway. And I don’t like contacting (texting) my therapist on a weekend, but I want her to know right away when our next appointment will be. At least she is available/flexible that way, because she is a private practice therapist, and not one subsidized by…whoever. The therapists at my standard healthcare provider are timid grad students, at best, and they are only there for a year (or less), because it is sort of like an internship for their MA. Or MS. Or whatever. The therapist I have now, I have been seeing her for seven (wow, yea, seven) years now. Since mid-2015. She helped me through a lot.nnSo, the birds continue to sing. The coffee is nearly gone (from the mug, I still have plenty of instant in the cupboard (which is a quaint way of saying cabinet)), so I will venture out onto the balcony in a bit, and feel the temps slowly rise to 86, which is the high for the day.nnSidenote(s): the Virginia Spice VA/Per tobacco, which I described as [zippidy-doo-dah tobacco](https://write.as/sub-tmo/some-zippidy-doo-dah-tobacco) (or, I borrowed the term from a member of the YouTube Pipe Community, I should say) – has lost some of it’s “zip”, but in a good way. It has mellowed out some. Or, my taste buds just got used to the spice. Either way, I am enjoying it more now.nnOnto the balcony.nnback soon

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