Welcome to Sunday - Bic needed

I'm sitting in my kitchen, after returning from visiting with Neighbor "S", where we sat in the breezeway, had a cig, and drank spring water. Unseasonably cool for the last day of July, at 74 F! Overcast. A breeze coming through the breezeway. And before that, coffee at my apartment. I literally woke up > made instant coffee > drank is as fast as I could > went to visit Neighbor "S". Not that I was in a hurry to get over there, it's just that I wanted to down that coffee quickly for maximum caffeine absorbtion, to wake up faster, plus I wanted to get over there before it rained. Still no rain.

I need a Bic. As in a lighter. I have no lighter right now, and I am igniting small things of TP off the electric stove to spark a tobacco pipe. The Virginia/Burley tobacco is dry enough (and high quality enough) to burn slow/even, so one light is all it takes. It's called Backwoods Red, and it's a decent type of pipe tobacco. Generally, I would opt for a VA/Per (Virginia/Perique) blend of tobacco, such as Hearth & Home Virginia Spice, or H&H Louisiana Red Bulk, but those were both out of stock at tobaccopipes.com last night, so I will re-order the Backwoods.

Oddly, Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader always seems to be in stock these days, and I've been able to get it twice. That is one of the more desireable (and at one time, nearly unobtainable) blends, because it is so much like Penzanze, which is one of the "esoterica" blends from Northern England. In fact, a lot of people say they cannot taste a difference between the two. I, personally, have never been able to get my hands on any of the esotericas - Margate, And So To Bed, Penzanze, and a half dozen others. For those in the non-pipe world, these are the blends pipe smokers lust after these days, because they are the Creme de la Creme in regards to tobacco components, and overall just high quality tobacco leaf to start with. I have no idea if I would taste a difference between an esoterica and an over-the-counter Burley blend, but some people get into it.

Anyway, I'll likely go for a tin of SL, or perhaps a different Lattakia-based blend? The Backwoods in bulk will still happen, but I get a Lattakia blend sometimes in a 1.5 ounce tin, as they (Lattakia blends) are very nice.

Ok, back to Sunday :)

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