Sitting here at just a bit past 1:00 AM, having Kentucky tobacco, letting coffee cool down, feeling like I am on some sort of quasi vacation. Like a holiday vacation at home. A *STAYcation*, so to speak. But, the goal is to get a Passport in January and *maybe* do a tad bit of traveling if/when possible in my (near?) future. The Passport is happening either way, and I will opt for the 10 year varietal, so I don’t have to renew every 5 years. And it is more or less just to *have*, there are no particular destinations in mind at the moment.nnThe coffee and Kentucky leaf is a nice combo this AM. Quite nice, indeed. A slow burning leaf, this blend is. For some reason it keeps reminding me of the first few bowls of Presbyterian Mixture I had out of the corncob pipe back in 2018 when I first started with a pipe. There’s just that *flavor* to it (though the blends couldn’t be more different). Perhaps it is my palette? Or my mood? Or the cool(er) weather that has moved in? Or any number of factors. But it is definitely nice.nn[*10 minutes later*]nnDecided to finish the other half of this bowl out on the balcony, just out of reach of the rain. The cool and crisp air coupled with the ambiance of the Kentucky leaf definitely provided a smoke bordering on “Ultimate”, but I would actually classify it as “pleasant ambiance”, instead. A good, dark, deep, filling, full-bodied smoke, indeed. The bowl now finished, I retreat back inside to off the rest of my coffee and write about it all, haha.nnGonna keep the sliding glass door open for a bit, though (just cracked a tad), as the fresh air is rejuvenating me in many ways. That was one thing I definitely lacked yesterday – abundant fresh air. Most of the day was seen wearing a mask. Need the open air to keep my sanity, definitely.nnThe TV (why my mind is drifting off to thoughts about how I will arrange my apartment, I do not know – but there it is). I will put the TV where the Xmas tree is right now, and I decided that I will do a back-to-back setup with the easy chair and the desk chair. Both facing away from one another. I *really* do like the easy chair where it is now, though, really. It is in front of the kitchen desk/island, and the ashtray stand is beside it, and I can just sit and stare out my sliding glass door as I have smokes throughout the day, and it just feels “right” in many ways. Indescribable. I *want* to keep it there, might find a way to make that work.nnAnyway, enough rambling. Be back soon.nn

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