You know what, I think Valentine’s Day completely passed me by this year. It was one month ago, exactly (Feb 14), and I don’t think I took very much notice of it at all. I am not currently in a relationship, so the holiday didn’t hold much water for me this year, but I may have briefly mentioned it in a post, and then forgotten about it. Weird.nnNow, St Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17 (Thursday), and I have no plans whatsoever. It *used* to be that the O’Family would all have a big get together of some sort on that day (because we’re Irish), and it was only when I got older when I realized that a lot of people (Irish or not) do not actually “do” anything special on that day. I think it was just an excuse for my late-Father and his siblings to get together and drink when they were younger, and they just sort of kept the tradition alive. Anyway, *this* year, there are no plans, and that is fine.nnThen Easter arrives at some point in April (not sure of the date on that), and there may be a gathering for that holiday where we celebrate my Great Nephew’s *second* Easter, and one where he can actually eat candy for it, because he was far too young for candy at his first Easter.nnBut anyhow, for this week, I have a doc appointment coming up, and I have to see what I can (possibly) do about my back, and if I can arrange for a steroid shot at the beginning of every Winter, as I have re-injured a muscle next to my spine every year for the past 10 years, and I need to try to proactively *prevent* that from happening every time the temps dip into the single-digits. I don’t know what the doc will say, but I am sort of playing it by ear.nnTomorrow, laundry. I’ll (still) be awake for that. All good there.nnNothing terribly fascinating happening in my neck of the woods for tonight. I listened to all of the Paramore album I mentioned in the last blog post, enjoyed it immensely. So I am not in the mood for a(nother) listening sesh right now. nnThe HELM Bolt DAC/amp is giving a good boost to the music listening experience, though, I would say. But I still have to get things working with the “High” or “HiFi” settings to extract HD Audio *or* MQA Audio from the device. I talked a bunch about this on the [other blog](https://olry.co), so I won’t go into specifics here (as I don’t feel like writing all that stuff out again, haha), but, I basically have to have quicker/better Internet speeds to get HD Audio or MQA Audio to stream properly from my phone. I have 4G LTE, but that doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to loading/streaming high definition audio on my phone. It *needs* to be on (stable/fast) WiFi in order for it to work. So…yea.nnOK, onto more coffee.nnback soon

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