Nothing too mythical happening today, just getting the tobacco order (FINALLY!), and also getting my Missouri Real ID in the mail (which I had been putting off for five (5!) years, and finally got around the getting a proper state ID made (now called the “Real ID”)). My debit card *might* arrive in the mail, too. That’d be good. And, I plan on getting in a hike ~8:00 AM (if I am up at that time). I probably will be.nnHigh of 61 today, warm for this time of year, for sure. But it *will* be enjoyable, so I can’t complain there.nnHaving coffee now. Just taking it easy at 12:15 AM.nn**Let me talk legality (of marijuana)**nnIn Missouri, in 2022, there is a BIG push to legalize marijuana for recreational use in this state, and it is being “lead” (the legislation, or the effort to get it on the ballot) by a Republican State Senator (which I find a bit surprising). I’ve read a lot about it, and since we legalized *medicinal* marijuana in Missouri in 2018 (or whatever year it was) there has been a LOT of dispensaries popping up around the St Louis area (indeed, the local (free) paper indicated that S St Louis County planned on being the “state leader” in marijuana dispensaries, and they have so far fulfilled their promise). But, if/when we legalize marijuana in a recreational fashion (the word “recreationally” is not a word, apparently), **I**, personally, will be the first in line at a local dispensary to “fill up” on an order, for recreational purposes. nnNow, I don’t drink alcohol (or use any other “drug” – and yes, alcohol is MUCH more of a drug than marijuana ever has been/ever will be), as I had enough trouble with booze and other drugs in the past. But marijuana, I love that damn stuff! 🙂 It has been (a long) five years since I smoked weed, but I *used* to smoke it all the time, just before moving from St Louis City, and during my time at Pevely Pointe the second time I lived there. Getting a “good” strain of weed was fairly rare, as Missouri weed goes – shwag 🙁 But the stuff from a dispensary would NOT be shwag, that is for sure.nnSo, I think *this* is what will make age 40 (and beyond) interesting (in a good way) for me – the abundance of good pot for the first time in my life since I was a teenager (Missouri weed in the late 1990s was not bad AT ALL, from my experience – results may vary). I always, *always*, *ALWAYS* said: “I can’t wait to turn 40 (or, 42 specifically, for some reason) so I can be some “old dude” who smokes herb and listens to amazing music all the time”. Now, I just turned 38 in late-2021, and I’ll be 39 by the time any “recreational” law goes into effect in 2022, and I’ll be ~40 when dispensaries are open, abundant, and downright convenient. So, good times ahead.nnAnyway, just wanted to ramble about that a bit. It’s a thing that gives me a lot of hope for the future. One of the few things, I’d say – LMAO!nnBack later

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