38 minutes into Halloween 2021 and I’m pretty excited about it. My favorite holiday. Tonight (around 7:00 PM), I will watch the Garfield Halloween Special from 1987, my favorite thing to watch once per year, which I am making into a tradition. Also, I am watching all three of the Castlevania videos from AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) that Cinemassacre put out close to a decade ago. Fun stuff :)nnI will also probably treat myself to some candy from BP later on in the day. Which candy I will get? I have no idea. Probably more than one kind (even though I am not a terribly big fan of candy – not a big fan of vegetarian stuffing or sweet potatoes, either, but I still eat that once per year on Thanksgiving).nnBut for me, for Now, and in this moment, I am just sitting here having a Diet Pepsi (which is sorta like candy). Enjoying the morning 🙂

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