welcome home, now leave

I swear, I wish the excursion "out West" had worked out. I probably would have been some vagabond on a beach in Oregon, but at least I wouldn't be here.

I sit and sip coffee and come to the realization that the only people I will acknowledge/socialize with here (at these apartments) will be Neighbor "S", and staff. Everybody else can kick my ass.

And also, thank god for the Internet. Or at least blogs - I wouldn't have any conversational events going on at all if not for A) writing on my blog (which is a somewhat insular/self conversation, but at least it's not my mind wandering around in the Lost Sauce all day), B) an e-mail every now and again, C) comments on other folk's blogs (Remark.as, Midnight.pub, and a few other places I leave my two cents).

So, here I am inside, with hot coffee, and around 6:00 PM I will visit Neighbor "S", because he should be back from his sister's house by then. Then I can feel like a person who is worth talking to. The little pool party/BBQ gathering earlier, I felt like a sore thumb who did not belong.

So, it's a trite thing to say, but I will go ahead and say it, I'm done being "neighborly" with the people here. I mean, there are a LOT of people on the property (as with all properties, I am sure) who come and go, don't socialize, do their own thing. And that's fine. But being a car-less individual, I tend to be out on-foot a couple times a day, and people will be doing this and that and nod, smile, etc., and I have no intention on keeping on a persona of an approachable person when all these people do is scurry back to their leased dwellings, and have no intent of speaking more than a handful of words.

It's like:

Me: "hi"

Them: "hi"

::now go away and leave me alone!!::

So, I'll abide by their wishes, or better yet, stop saying hi to begin with.

It's all fine, though. Neighbor "S" (with flaws and all) is a plenty talkative and genuinely nice person. And the staff here are pretty cool, too.

all in a day

back later

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