Tomorrow the STLWX will be better, anyway. It's in the 30s tonight. I severely dislike cold weather. It was sort of a desolate day because of the (shit) weather, actually. I felt ok throughout a lot of the day (knowing Spring was coming back tomorrow), but that is because I slept through the later afternoon. And tomorrow, it will be 59 again :)

OK, so, fxxx weather reports. Back to life.

I've been watching the construction videos from The 8-Bit Guy making his outdoor studio, and I gotta say, it is like watching "construction porn" (which is probably a legit fetish for some people). Seeing how they put in the wiring, network stuff, insulation, all that stuff - pretty amusing.

I also offed another bowl of HH Old Dark Fired tobacco. Good stuff, that is.

Not a lot too groundbreaking happening in my world. Just a day of a day of a day.

editing feelings

I don't like launching a text editor sometimes. I oftentimes feel as if I have to "look" at my feelings when I do so. It feels bad. It's not that I don't like my feelings, I just don't like magnifying them.

Just a thing I will point out.

back soon