Probably had a fair amount (meaning too many) pills today. I had two(2) doses of Amoxicillin (antibiotic), a couple Motrin this AM (250 mg), a prescription strength Nexium (40 mg (again, in the morning)), and then this evening I had two Extra Strength Tylenol (500 mg, each) which I almost immediately threw up because they put boatloads of parm on cheese pizzas at Dominos (like, I just Mozzerella - no need to "perk it up"), and then I took two more Motrin, as the Tylenol was no help whatsoever as it was out of my system. I also just had my first cup of coffee for the day (been slowly nursing sodas), which really changed things up mentally for me (because I was in some limbo/lethargy Hell before that, due to lack of proper caffeine delivery). And how do I feel from all this? OK, I suppose. I was slightly concerned that I could experience some type of liver toxicity "symptoms" (where things start to seem/feel bizarre), but I think the only thing really "active" in my system is the Motrin, as the rest of the pills had been taken sporadically (or at least spaced-out) throughout the day. But still, pills are god damn awful, and I want nothing to do with any of them, but at times like these they are necessary.

So, I decided to go ahead an skip the psych med for this evening, and I will not take anything else until tomorrow afternoon (except for the prescription stregth Nexium in the AM, because I will be in indigestion Hell if I do NOT take it in the AM).

Anyway, yes, definitely am still in a state of being "weirded up" on pills. Kind of letting the night "flow" by, and not caring about anything.

And it is times like this, with writing, that I sometimes wonder if it is a good thing for me to compartmentalize, separate, divvy-up, and assign mile markers to different sections of my day by way of a blog post here, a blog post there, as if to divide my ideas, actions, and thoughts into deliberate bylines of text. Obviously things can, and do, happen that don't make it into a blog entry, but...yea. It's just a weird thing to think about my words, and what to write next and how they (the words) correlate with what I wrote before. Writing is weird, I suppose.

I'm weird

Pills are weird

Life is weird

back soon