I was in some weird mood earlier. I was sitting there thinking of funny/ridiculous shit, and I thought of details, and lore, and trivia, and the random idiosyncrasies of Bill Gates (him, his life, Microsoft, etc.), as he has been a “well known” and public figure since I was old enough to use a computer, so I thought I would write a haiku about him. So I did so [here]( I thought: “who else can I do?”nnSo I came up with,nn- Mark Zuckerbergn- Elon Musknandn- Jeff BezosnnPreposterous parody, all of it. But they were fun to write, and I hope someone gets a laugh out of them. I listed them under “/haiku” here on **TMO**, so, []( the emoji for the top of each post was fun, too. I used for formatting and then exported each as a PDF, then uploaded to pCloud, and that is what I am using for the download link on /haiku. I decided on a paperclip for Bill Gates (Clippy!), a cardboard box for Jeff Bezos, because everything with that co is dark brown colored, and they prided themselves (at one time) of using minimal branding on their packages, and I used a sparring swordsman for Mark Zuckerberg, because he at one time (and probably still does) practice sparring, with like the long, skinny sword deal. “Fencing” is the term, I think. And as for Elon Musk – a bag of money. I didn’t know what to use for him, because a car emoji wasn’t *obviously* Tesla, a rocketship wasn’t *obviously* Space X, and there were no flamethrower emoji, so…yea.nnThat’s what I was up to earlier. Will do more in the future maybe? IDK.nnHope everyone is well 🙂

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