wee-woo, wee-woo, iced coffee on tap and feeling extra energized!

So time to channel some of that caffeine into words.  

In 2020/21, I would often buy iced coffee on the nights that I knew I was going to get busy with web development. Be it researching how to do such and such with a .php script, or configuring some table or whatever in a db, or just figuring out (or mapping out) how I wanted the project (Thanx.cc) to function in a screen-by-screen sense. I suppose that would be considered UI? I was always mulling over and configuring which page went to what, but even after all of that was done and decided, actually KNOWING (for SURE) whether the project would be an insular, must-be-logged-in type of environment, or a simple web service that took someone's message and forwarded it off to the "users"/"members"/"account holders" e-mail.

It was this continual back and forth (with myself) that ultimately led to complete and total burnout, and that is when I pulled the plug on Thanx.cc. If the drive/passion is not there, it totally defeats the purpose of the entire project to begin with.

Learned a lot, though. So I am forever thankful for that. Just being familiar with this stuff (server configuration, comfort in the CLI, etc.), basic shit that can/has become useful in the year following, and will continue to be useful for the rest of my life.

But yea, iced coffee played a role in all that. Lacking any caffeine source or/and significant amounts of fruits to "graze" on, meant that I wouldn't pursue web dev activities for that night, as they were a required/standard part (fuel) of the whole process.

Later, all

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