Wednesday morning stuff

::sigh:: (metaphorically stomps foot)

I feel restless for some reason. No direct reason why, I just do. Likely because I have been soda-free for 24 hours, and could use some carbonated caffeine. I drank my weight in coffee in these 24 hours. Soda is a nice "chirp me up", and I make no excuses as to the fact that it is the neuro-toxins (generally aspartame + caffeine in diet soda) that provide a little mental bleeoop and just puts me in a better mood, really.

It's plenty unhealthy, and I am not overarchingly proud that I like and do this, but it's just sort of how it is, so...whatever.

But, raw dog caffeine, from coffee, that's the name of the rose. The best ever.

Anyhow, I will visit Neighbor "S" this morning (soon) and see if he would like for me to walk to BP for him (though it's a good morning for anyone to walk, really - not warm, at all - 71F and 64 just a bit ago, so still cool-ish in the air), and perhaps fetch whatever he needs and see if I can "bum" a soda. We do that often - I buy him a soda, or a pack of smokes, or something like that, and he will sometimes do likewise for me. I've offered to buy him stuff outright plenty of times, but he 100% insists on paying me back for everything I get him, down to the penny, because he is of that "Old Class" of citizenry where every little thing counts, as if by shorting me a nickel, he somehow degrades his "honor". It's fine. It's a mental thing (or just pride). I can't say I am the same way 100% of the time.

So, on with the day.

Laundry has been done. Therapy later.

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