water tips

I went to Schnucks in the 100 degree heat, because I wanted a walk, and a lemonade/tea. So off I went.

When I got near the front door, I heard this beautiful violin playing, and some backing orchestra music to accompany it. And near the door, a man was standing in shorts/t-shirt playing a violin, with a small cooler, and a sort of "DJ event" speaker on a tripod. There was a sign attached to the tripod, but I couldn't read it from the direction I was coming, but either way, upon looking at what was with him, I noticed that he didn't have a bottle of water, unless one was in the cooler, which was very small. So, I thought: "yep, I'll buy this dude a bottle water when I am in Schnucks, as I am cash broke, and don't have money anywhere other than my debit card".

Went into Schnucks, got my tea/lemonade (the same beverage - the Arnold Palmer Arizona Signature Edition Special(TM)), as well as a Dasani for the violinist, and as I exited, he continued to play, and the sign read in all caps: "NEED MONEY FOR RENT, FOOD, MEDICAL EXPENSES...", and I didn't read beyond that because I was walking towards him and wanted to grab his attention that I was setting a bottle of water down. I did so, and he nodded with a "thank you" as he continued to play simultaneously (and impressively), and I gave a small salute and a smile, and continued on my walk home.

Now, I sit inside with tea/lemonade keeping me company, and having a pipe from the dilapidated Webster estate pipe of the usual VA/Per tobacco.

The day continues on, and I hope all who are "out in it" that they stay safe and healthy :)


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