…that’s what the weather.com widget says on the MacBook. Fair, as it was totally overcast today, and the evening started/ended with intense rain.nnBut now, the air is cooler, and I let it through the open door across the room from me as I type, think of things, think of things *to* type, and finish some coffee. nnAt some point tomorrow I will make my way to BP and stock up on a couple packs of smokes, not that I *immediately* need smokes, but some obscure dollar amount hit my debit card earlier ($22) and I cannot pinpoint where it is from, why I received it, but I don’t care – I’m broke as a joke and need some moolah to keep me afloat (kinda rhyme?).nnBut, as I mentioned over on tmo.name (I guess I just maintain two blogs simultaneously now? I have no idea how that happened or why – it’s just a “part of writing” for the time being, I guess), the CL posting has still seen no interest. Affordable speakers made even more affordable (1/3 of the original cost) is not of many people’s interest in the St Louis area for the time being. It’s whatever. They’ll sell eventually.nnI would *very much so* like to start purchasing things for [the Taking Stock list](https://write.as/tmo/taking-stock-pts) I have going, and having more peace of mind knowing that I will not need to buy *this* thing and *that* thing all the time on a moment’s notice. Just kind of fill the cabinets, the tobacco shelf (also a cabinet), the pantry, etc., and not have lot to worry about for a time. It’s a thing I do twice a year, this year being a bit larger of a “restock”, and I am 100% ok with that, considering I just finished vagabonding around Montana with nearly *nothing* to my name (well, a 33L backpack, is all), and wasn’t even sure where to fill my water bottle on some days. nnNot terribly traumatized or “afflicted” by the events of the first week of this month (some moments were quite amusing, really), but, it DID make me appreciate things I do and have back home, here in South County.nnI’ll be back soon. Hope everyone is well 🙂

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