It's 44F outside. I expected it to stay colder than that. But the sun has been shining all day, so it makes sense. Me, I am sitting here after sleeping all morning/early afternoon, and just starting up my day, really. After having taken the three pill combo of meds this AM, I threw up about 30 minutes later. I think it was mostly from the antibiotic, though, because I've taken the other two pills together before. But, I feel much better now, and I am 100% rested, and the day is nice, so, no complaints.

Filling the apartment with fresh air now. I have the sliding glass door cracked a bit, letting the place cool off because it was too warm when I had the furnace running at 44 outside. The sun cooks this apartment, indeed, so it is always a hot box when the sun is out.

Now, I am having coffee, hot coffee, and starting up my day officially now.

On with the show. Back later!