Sit for a minute, and try to count how many cigarettes Keith Richards has smoked since (roughly) the late-1950s. 60+ years of suckin’ down cigs (which is both incredibly unhealthy and terribly impressive), but before you start to count, try to guess a rough estimate of how far you will go. nnLet’s say he started in 1959 (because we all know he smoked throughout the 1960s)nnAnd let’s say he smoked one pack a day (or, 20 cigarettes a day)nnx’s 365 days of the yearnnx’s 62(+) yearsnnNow, I don’t have the time to count to “infinity”, but I DO have a calculator. And the equation above amounts to:nn**452,600 cigarettes smoked by Keith Richards** (so far)nn(which is an incredibly conservative estimate, because he likely has smoked MORE than a pack a day during the duration of this time).nnBut it makes me think: “where did all the cigarette butts go?”

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