![](https://i.snap.as/JU67qna5.jpg)nnI decided I would try the mailbox keys, again. And my package *was* where it was supposed to be, but there was already a key there (so anyone could have just taken the thing in the middle of the night), and I assumed that someone *else* had retrieved *their* package from there. So, the postal worker screwed up on a number of levels last night, and it’s pretty sad.nnEither way, I will return this key (wherever it goes to – none of the parcel lockers at *this* location, because I tried them all) to the leasing office, and they can deal with the USPS.nnANYWAY, the wall tapestry has been received, and is now in the living room, as you can see above. Looks great! Will look better when the creases and ridges are out of the fabric (as it was folded over many times). Definitely makes the room look *fuller*, and *better* in many ways :)nn

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