walkin' in the rain, fetching cigs for the neighbor, starting my Tuesday

Hunger pains had my stomach churning after wrapping up that last blog post. Bold coffee, accompanied by NO breakfast was a no-go this morning, and I needed some substantial food to kick start my day. So off to Schnucks I went, and purchased a Schnucks brand 'za (cheese). Schnucks actually has some decent store brand products. Everything I've gotten from there tends to work out, so, cool! And one(1) 20 ounce Diet Pepsi. For the day. Total.

I also stopped by the apartment of Neighbor "S", and chatted with him for a minute. The rain poured, so I asked if he would like me to go to BP for him, as I was already "out and about" and sporting rain gear. He said he did need a carton of cigs, so I got those for him. I then asked if I could bum a pack on-loan until Aug. 1, and he was fine with that. Now I have cigs, which changes up the pipe routine.

That's it for this AM

back soon

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