Made it all the way to the entrance before I realized I forgot my mask upon looking at the "No Entry Without A Mask" sign attached to the door. So, I walked back home, and just sort of said "fxxx it", and I will just go and buy food tomorrow.

Also, I am arranging to get a ride from someone I know to go to a nurse practitioner on Feb. 28, because there is an issue I am having that I will not go into detail about at the moment. I would be seeing my Primary Care Physician on March 16 (in fact, that appointment is still in place), but the nurse practitioner appointment was made (through that same office) because the issue at hand is a little more urgent than that. Not an emergency, but not something I'm too keen on putting off for a month.

More detail on things later, but right now I just want to unveil the mystery of what the hell is going on, and I will like write about it after that.

tooth admin

As far as I am concerned, the dental appointment for the tooth extraction has been cancelled (or will be either cancelled or rescheduled), because A) the tooth extraction runs too close to the nurse practitioner appointment, B) the STLWX will be abysmal this Wednesday and we cannot go from Imperial, to South County, to Hillsboro, to South County, to Imperial (or my mother cannot make that trek - at least not with bad roads), and C) the medical issue I am having could be more severe (or more serious) than a bum tooth. Nothing is known yet, so no purpose of me being worried.

Anyhow, I am being responsible and I did everything I could short of going to an actual Emergency Room (which I seriously doubt would amount to much, other than they would need to request a referral from my PCP to see a specialist, only instead of me just getting the referral myself, I would probably end up sitting in the back of an ER for two days while they waited to hear back from the PCP). But, that is the entire point of the nurse practitioner appointment - to get a referral.

U.S. healthcare kinda sucks, in a lot of ways (in a LOT of ways, actually - this isn't even a "worse case scenario").

Anyhow, more Motrin it will be, for now.

And coffee (which I am taking it slow on today).

Not 100% sure what I will do for the remainder of the week/weekend, besides take more Motrin, get grocery shopping done, etc. I finished up laundry this morning, and (as predicted) it did turn out to be a nice, sunny, warm day :)

Tomorrow, a therapy appointment at noon via Google Duo, the aforementioned shopping, yada yada.

back soon