It’s 11:00 AM now, I went to Schnucks and bought two Arizona Sweet Tea tall cans, and am having one now in my overly-warm (almost hot) apartment, with the sun shining in, pretending it is already Summer. Very tasty.nnTo be honest, I just wanted to do the walk. I didn’t “need” sweet tea (or any cold beverages) – just wanted to get fresh air, be outside for a bit (even in the below-freezing temps).nn**ledgers and logs**nnI am thinking about how *so much* of everything that occurs in life tends to get some sort of “log entry” or “ledger input” or “marker set” – everything from (the) blockchain, to blogs, to passing thoughts sent via Twitter, to momentous occasions documented/shared via Facebook or/and Instagram – it’s all gotta be transcribed in some deliberate format (for whatever reason) to be…recalled by others later(?), to be shown via FB “Moments”(?), to be documented proof of an event in a courtroom(?). Who the hell knows?nnAnd I suppose *I* do this via blog posts (and sometimes a photo shared on [Snap.as](https://snap.as/tmo)), but in all the things people CAN do on/with the Internet, it’s mostly used to document life’s events, it seems. “A thing happened, now here’s proof, so now you know about it, too”, LMAO! But really, what *else* could be done with it (the Internet)? Or television, for that matter. TV shows never happened “in the future”, and there was no ongoing record (or ledger/log) of shows broadcast in the past (not when shows had *just* been invented!), so it’s basically a showboating activity of “let’s see who can be the most *X*” or “do the most of *that*”, or have the prettiest (or sometimes most expensive) *thing*, or retain the most followers, get the most Likes – be the most ExTrEmE form of all things always!nnKind of like false advertising, or inaccurate events – if someone were *just* documenting things (life’s events) as they happened, and sometimes *when* they were happening, then there COULD BE no “edits” or “modifications” made to the shared media (photo, blog post, status update) at all. Because life, itself, is an un-editable process (or series of events).nnAnd I am not making the case (or even suggesting) that editing is not good, as it is essential for a dedicated (professional) documentation of things “for/on the record”, if only to make the documentation *even more* accurate (as occurrences in the world are what is *actually* happening but the transcription of those occurrences could be inaccurate). nnAnd then there is the concept of “art edits”, or “artistic” edits. Such as a novelist procuring the best words for a book, or a film maker putting together the best shots and B-roll for a movie – it’s less “raw” art (like (irreversible) painting), and more like the editing process *itself* is a part of the artform.nnSo, all in all; life is art? Life is “raw art”? I don’t know, just wanted to ramble a bit (via a log entry) as I sipped the sweet tea.nnThanx for reading

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