Got up, took a monster pee (I had like three coffees and a soda within two hours last night without me even realizing it - was a bit over-energized from that), then after the megapiss I had a half Liter of water, then I did NOT start coffee, and I sat down to write a blog post and I listened to the garbage man empty the dumpster not far from my apartment, and felt actually pretty grateful that this apartment complex actually does pay their trash bill and doesn't end up on the news like that last apartment complex I lived at.

Around 7:30 AM I will fetch a soda and a snack from BP, and more or less be ready to go around noon when I go to Crystal City, Missouri to get my tax refund check, then to the Missouri Central Bank to cash said check, hand off $475 to the moms (as that's what I owe her), and perhaps give her an additional $100 so she can use her Amazon account (ugh, Amazon) to order a HELM Bolt DAC/amp for me, and then I can have an even better listening experience on Tidal.

I think the combo of the HELM Bolt (which is pretty MQA (Master Quality Audio) centric) and the TIN T2 IEM's (in-ear monitors) will deliver a listening experience that will far outweigh what I have been doing (past tense) in years past - which is listening to Spotify with Apple EarPods. I've been on Tidal for a bit over a year now, and I have had the TIN T2's for...three(?) months now, and a DAC/amp is something I have been meaning to get (and indeed tried to order a few times before) for the better part of five months. Be it ordering a Schiit Modi 3 DAC + Schiit Vali 2 amp and having it ready to go only for their online checkout system reject my debit card (not uncommon, oddly), or ordering a flimsy $20 USB-C dongle DAC from B&H Photo, only to go back and cancel the order because I didn't think it would actually be worth even $20, as those little no name USB-C dongle things tend to be reveiwed poorly. The HELM Bolt is a USB-C dongle unit, too, but it is from a fairly reputable company and is sort of a "one-of-a-kind" in terms of MQA-ready dongle DACs, and it looks very nice, and was spoken (written) highly of by Darko.Audio, and it is not a bank-breaking investment. So I look forward to ordering it.

That's what I got for this morning. Off to BP soon.

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