I mentioned on the other bloggo that I went to Schnucks this AM, but then I deleted that post, so no one saw it (it no longer exists!), but I still sorta *think* I “published” it, which is weird. I used to just slam the “publish” button on every little thing I thought/did, and I realize that is basically a waste now. A handful of posts a day? Ok – tolerable. But I don’t like to “think out” or “come up” with ish to write about – if it goes nowhere (which it usually does within seconds of me starting a sentence), then delete it I will.nnBut, I DID go to Schnucks this AM, and got some mandatory grub, and will walk to Dollar Tree later when the sun arrives (around noon). I felt like I wanted to write that somewhere, so here it is.nnOk, back later

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