Other than the VPS this blog is hosted on, I didn't have a(nother) active server going on Linode, so I fired up a small ($5 per mo) "Nanode" instance, and I was reminded that I need to put $$$ on my Linode account ASAP (Mar.1). And there are few Internet-related housekeeping tasks I need to get taken care of in March:

  • create a DNSimple account ($60 per year), transfer my domains over there
  • put $40-$120 on my Linode account, so I have credits to kinda just do whatever it is I feel like in terms of making things
  • and perhaps get home Internet service back (AT&T w/ "Internet 100" plan)

Also (unrelated), I just took a couple Exedrine capsules (which are basically just 500mg of acetominophen, each) to stave off any tooth pain which may be occurring. And I am also patiently waiting for the lamp to get dropped off here (at any time now). Oh, and overhearing my fxxxing batshit crazy neighbor fight her cat, screech like an insane monkey, and be a general nuisance to humanity that she always has been/always will be. I know that sounds mean, but I could care less - this lady blares her TV until 5:00 AM every single night/morning, screams, freaks out, slams her cabinets, and is a gd pain to everyone around her. She is a textbook definition of a mentally disturbed individual who should be doing these things behind guarded walls at "a home", or "an asylum", not a fxxxing apartment complex where other people have to hear/see her distraught ass lose her mind 24/7.

Anyway, when I am in the other room (the bedroom) and sitting at the "writer's nook", and I have the furnace or central fan going, I cannot hear her at all, so it will be nice to be in there after nightfall and have the lamp to give the place some light, and I can just write, do dev shit, concentrate, zone out, etc.

back soon