This is the stupidest, nit-pickiest, First World BS problem anyone could have ever, so I will write some thoughts about it:nnI watched a couple videos just now (on YouTube) that started the video with no volume. Well, there *was* volume, just no “sound” was occurring at that point (yet) in the video. So, that left me hanging with; do I go HIGH volume? LOW volume? Somewhere in the middle?nnIf I have in my headphones, it’s not a big deal – whatever volume is there I will pick up on and know what to do. But with a floor fan running, and other various “apartment building” noises occurring here and there, I have to decide where I am going to set that volume notch before I can sit back and just *enjoy* the video.nnI do this 100% of the time (choose what volume I want (duh – I need to hear the thing)), but for 30% of videos, there is a melodramatic effect of “we will start the video in an eerie/mysterious silence, and bring in some audible “action” later”. 10% of the video are simply too quiet to do anything with, and those will be skipped. 50% of the videos are spot-on – sound up front, and no quibbling with where to put the volume setting. It’s a “no alarms and no surprises” type of ordeal. And the remaining 10% – it is some artsy/fartsy new “creator” who thinks audio is like a paintbrush of self-expression, and needs to be adjusted liberally and often throughout the video, and nothing is “equal” or “consistent”, and I simply cannot continue with those videos.nnSo there’s a BS complaint that has no relevance or consequence whatsoever in the world of the Internet.nnBack to life

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