I just thought of something fairly amusing. Nowadays, when I write out an entry, I finish it up, hit “Publish”, and move right along. I’m not sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for “the views to come in”, or desiring a form of vindication. nnSince I stopped putting these entries on, I more or less feel like I am writing for myself, again. nnBut what was “amusing” about this scenario, was that after I wrote out the last two posts, I just kind of “caught myself” not caring about who sees what, or how many people see, or whatever. It was like a moment of self-aware anti-vanity. LOL! nnI admit though, like all people, I have moments of vanity. I want *some* recognition for *some* things, or I want to be taken seriously, or to “be liked” (usually the latter is more in the form of real life connection – though I want people online to like me, too, I suppose).nnI tend to be very straight forward with things. I don’t “need” to have an online persona, just an online *presence*, I feel. Not too thrilled with screen names, or monikers, or handles, and all that. I’m me, and that’s what this little bloggo is for/about – writing for myself, but *to* others, sometimes.nnBut yea, it feels good to just be *content* with things, sometimes. Not needing a neurological “hit”, or some form of the “gimme gimme’s”. Just do a thing because I want to do it, and be done with it. nnGood times

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