I cannot find the post (on this blog) where I was quoting a thing I read on R.w.a in regard to "value", and having or taking a particular interest in it. As in, the very concept of value, itself. But I've been thinking about it today, so here's a/my take -

Things that are valuable, that I see no purpose or immediate utility in:

  • full-time employment
  • car ownership
  • mortgage
  • family unit
  • children
  • generational wealth
  • (and sometimes (even)) money

Now, some people can read the list above and immediately think one (or all) of the following things:

TMO is,

  • immature
  • privileged
  • lazy
  • unmotivated
  • disinterested

And one could (easily, in a general term) put  a ✅ Checkmark next to any or all of the above. But, what it comes down to (in real terms), is that no one put, shared, or instilled in me these values.

Say I am sitting around the kitchen table (perhaps when I was younger), and we were having pot roast, and I said (in passing or out of genuine curiosity) to my late-Father (or mother); "say, (parental unit), where did this pot roast come from? How come we sat here eating it? How did we come to obtain a pot roast? What did you do to earn money for a pot roast?" and on and on. And my late-Father was a very hard worker (35 years at Chrysler), my mother 25 years at an insurance co. But, they never took it upon themselves to sort of nudge me on shoulder, and make me privvy to why people put value in anything. At all. And I (probably) never asked, either. So, I wind up not measuring "value" as a metric in most anything at all because I am not inclined to make a judgement on; oh, this has that amount of value behind it.

Just some thoughts