This is weird, but I just returned from Schnucks and bought groceries, and I picked up a box of Red Velvet Pop-Tarts, and when I got home I thought; “who was the last person in recorded human history to *actually* use a toaster with Pop-Tarts?” And I figured; well, a lot of people, I am sure. But everyone I know just eats them as-is. But then (and here’s the weird part), I started thinking; “who the hell buys a toaster in 2022, anyway?” I mean, I am sure a thrifty one may cost $20. Some “premium” model may run for above $50. Perhaps there are even IoT models that connect via an app, and can do “toaster things” without anyone having to do anything (other than load the bread, yet not have the energy to just push down a lever)?nnAnd then I sat with a mug of the iced coffee I just bought, and continued with this train of thought with; “what *can* someone even do with a toaster besides make *one* thing? Toast!?” I mean yes, Pop-Tarts, and maybe instant waffles, too, but how many things can really be made with a toaster that justifies even a $20 price tag, let alone space on the counter or/and cabinet?nnBlender – makes sense, a lot of stuff that can be done there. Toaster *oven* – again, makes perfect sense, a lot can be done there. Microwave – nearly a life necessity in the world we live in, people can prepare Thanksgiving with microwaved junk. Oven, stove, crock pot – the possibilities are endless.nnBut what the hell would I do with a toaster? May as well buy a fax machine.nnback soon

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