OK, so the tobaccopipes(.com) order has started moving again. It is now in West Chester, Ohio. Having gone from Cincinnati, Ohio to there…at some point. It didn’t say when it departed. But, it is moving again, and that is what is important. Arriving by/on Saturday, I hope! Perhaps even Friday.nnAnd the desk, it has not shipped, yet. But it will arrive on/around December 16, so that is good. No rush on that, of course. But I DO need the tobacco purchase to arrive soon, because I am almost out of (gross/nasty) smokes.nnTomorrow, at 11:00 AM, I will catch my ride to go down and make a *large* donation to Pevely Pantry in Pevely, Missouri. I have a shelf’s worth of stuff to give them + my mom bought hella stuff to donate + my sister is donating things as well, and also my niece is donating baby food, because my Great Nephew has more or less already gone past the baby food phase and is kinda/sorta eating regular food (to a certain extent). It is basically a van’s worth of stuff. Good deal!nnAfterwards, we are coming back to where I live (Oakville) and the moms is getting her van detailed (or cleaned, I should say) at The Auto Spa, which is just a few blocks from where I live. Then, I will stop as Schnucks and buy fruit and a few other things after that.nnSo, a busy day tomorrow, and that is always a good thing :)nnback later

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