I *knew* I would get some use from it. It is intended for magazines, or books, or *something* – but now, it houses my AT headphones and the SSD case (with proper cordage inside). Clever. Convenient. nnOddly fulfilling/satisfying to **finally** have my precious 1TB SSD, which I have yearned after since 2011 (initially wanting a WD external HARD drive, and then wanting the simple kind that can be clipped to a backpack (for whoever would want to do that), and now opting for the Samsung T7). I just thought it was *soo* cool that my buddy “T” had his external drive with everything from music (actual songs/albums), to schoolwork, to important backup documents, to everything else stored on *his* 1TB drive, and always had it with him at-the-ready (along with a handy-dandy Toshiba laptop).nnGood stuffnnback later

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