Updates on the Sunday

Just a tune-changin' changer of tunes here

Was bummed after the last post, so here's a little somethin' happy(er), for me.

I have four cans (well, three now) of Starbucks Double Shot Espresso (and cream - light), and offing the first can now. Dandy little beverage this is. Tiny cans, they go fast, but they put me through the roof with energy! :)

So it is a Sunday, and I have until Wednesday before I go to IC. Monday/Tue - I have no clue what I will get up to? Perhaps do a software project type of thing, or just "hang out" - IDK. Tuesday I have therapy though (Google Duo), so I am very much so looking forward to that. Google changed the name of their video conferencing app, again. Now it is Google Meet, and the icon looks like something by/from Slack. Because a lot of core Google services are competing with Slack now. Straight up knock-offs in terms of design language, and even features, I think. They call it/them (their core apps) "Google Workspaces", and it goes from Gmail, to Docs, to Drive, to Meet, and beyond. Everything except a Slack-like service. Obviously G is trying to buy Slack, and Slack won't do it, and...yea. No one cares (or I don't care that much).  

I doubt we will see "Big Tech" regulated too much in the near future, though, because United States Congress has their hands full in the possible prosecution of "former Prez" DJT. I say "possible", because I think all of these testimony hearings are leading up to possibly indicting T, which (on evidence/testimony alone) is indeed possible, but I still find hard to believe, because Congress has not indicted a former president as far as I know, historically. But if T does get indicted, there'd like be a Congressional vote on whether or not to go through with a Supreme Court trial. Many on the (far) right will vote to NOT have him stand trial. And even then, if the SC does see a trial prosecution T for his "fanning the flames" of the Jan. 6 events, he (T) would then need to be found guilty by a SC composed of mostly his sympathizers/friends.

So, I doubt T will do prison time. If he can't run for office again, that's what matters, but, I doubt the "sugar sprinkles on top" of his career and the restoration (sorta?) of democracy consists of people seeing him behind bars, well... I just sincerely doubt that will happen. It's a backwards and loyalist type of party (the right/far right), and any semblance of collaboration between the two partys (right with left, or left with right) is a fargone, outdated approach to constitual governance, according to the outlandish characters in Washington D.C., and the "big influencers" in either party (think: Cruz, Graham, McConnell on right - Pelosi, Schumer, AOC on left), whom are all far more media-centric, and predisposed to playing a game of IRL "Game of Thrones", and each of those characters want their respective parties to "win". No governance to speak of, or maintaining peace/dignity within the population they swore an oath to "sustain" - no, they all basically want to either BE the president, or get a guy/girl into the Oval Office to do as they wish, and then belittle and "shout out" the other side of the aisle. Teamwork and bi-partisanship, as I mentioned, is a ship long sailed away.

Anyway, was a nice little political ramble, as I rarely go on those, at all. I'm not that interested in politics in the past several years, anyway. I like when the U.S. government does stuff against Big Tech co's - not that Big Tech will ever truly go out of business (at least most of those co's won't), but there's  a lot of slow moving hemming and hawing with the way DC does stuff, and most of which is generally "too little, too late", so it's difficult for me to keep tabs on anything other than a single issue besides Big tech regulation, and still maintain my own pulse with progress (or lack thereof) being made with whatever the hell it is regulators/law makers decide to do with this issue or that.

OK, onto other things for the day

back later

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