Did my usual song and dance with the CLI w/ sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get upgrade (you'd be surprised how long it took me to remember which one of those two commands came first), and everything is up-to-date, all is good. And I ran the updates for both Thanx and olry.co, which are the only two VPS's I have running at the moment. I have no plans on starting a new one anytime soon, because every "Nanode" I spin up costs me $5 per mo, haha. I'm still a far cry from needing to shill for donations, though, because $10 a month is OK for two projects, I think (or, ONE project and ONE blog).

That, and the entire ethos behind the Thanx Project (which is yet to be completed) is to NOT ask for online gratuities. As a message of "Thanx", or "good job", or even "hi" are better than getting $$ in a donation bin. But, will it ever come to completion (Thanx)? I have no idea. I'd like to think that it will. Of course getting proper sleep, and therefore spurring proper motivation are factors I'm dealing with right now - I'm unrested and tired a lot these days. Not lethargic, and I feel energetic "enough" to get through the day, but, having sane, normal, average (and average energy days - as I am usual a high-energy person) are elusive to me at the moment. The LUCID mattress I am ordering on Feb. 1 (or before) will make a difference, but until then, it's ups and downs.

Therefore, I am not 100% focused on web dev activities at the moment. They come across my mind, I want to do them, but there isn't the (well-rested) energy there to burn through some research/reading/implementing/experimenting/troubleshooting sessions that are necessary for a novice dev like myself. But, I will be back on my game soome enough :)

back soon