Why do updates exist?

Seriously. In any regard, why must they exist? If someone bought a Commodore 64, or an Apple II, or an Osbourne (spelling?) back in the day, there were not "updates" to be had with those machines, unless a piece of hardware broke or/and failed and needed to be replaced. So, why is it so abundantly common with software (namely, software that concerns the WWW)?

Like, "make a simple thing do a simple thing" and be done with it, LMAO! I don't need any/all custom fonts, and colors, and this and that happening with every single piece of software I get from the Internet.

There should be a "restricted" software co. Like, one that listens to customers in terms of functionality but not in terms of features. Not a co that gets an e-mail saying "I want X to do Y and have Z as a result", and then have an engineer (or team of them) set out to add said feature(s). No. If something breaks (and everything tends to break), then fix it. Keep it updated. Point-by-point updates/upgrades, but not piling stuff on that was ADDED later (and by proxy breaks all OLD versions of the software).

IDK, I'm old, I guess (and probably broken, lol!).

back soon