Simple things on the VPS – `sudo apt-get update` / `sudo apt-get upgrade`, the same mumbo jumbo that is necessary for Linux, basically. Some know this jargon, some don’t, but, whatever – it works is all I know, lol!nnI mentioned the other night that I did a quick and fast “redesign” of **Thanx**, and I put redesign in quotations because **Thanx** had never *officially* been designed in the first place, because it is not a functioning *thing* as of yet. So, I suppose the “redesign” mock-up I created on Carrd.co is the first iterations of what I will make on **Thanx** in the future. nnAnyway, I am *seriously* chomping at the bit to dig into some dev stuffs but I cannot do so this evening (I mean, I could, in a very distracted and fragmented way – which is not the way to do things), so I am more or less going to find other (smaller) things to do regarding the subject. Maybe go ahead and register an SSH key to Github? *That* would be a good idea (and not *too* difficult, I don’t think).nnLemme look into itnnBe back in a bit!

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