I will go ahead and update the MacBook to macOS Monterey while I am at the ‘rents. Might as well, as it is going to need that update at some point anyway. I don’t care much (at all) about the nEw FeAtUrEs it offers, I just want the OS to be stable, is all. I’ll probably run an update/upgrade on the Linode VPS while I am there, as well (for **Thanx**), because I won’t have WiFi on the Mac when I get home anyway, and I cannot run the `sudo apt-get` command from my phone, so…yea.nnSpeaking of which, it would be cool if there were a terminal app for Android (there probably is some weird application(s) out there that accomplish the same thing, but I am not going to tool around with that, haha).nnAlso, I head out of here at 10:30, not 11:00, so I only have two more hours to waste until I am out and about. nnBe back later.

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