Wrote some stuff down in the Standard Notes app regarding what I am doing/where I am going with web dev activities. Just set some bullet-point reminders to myself (which was in my previous blog post) and called it “Overarching Goals”, because sometimes a bird’s eye view of what I am actually doing is necessary so I don’t lose the plot, so to speak.nnI need to be able to just reference them on the fly (*all* my notes, actually) and see:nn- where I’m atnn- what I’m doingnn- where I’m going nextnn…because if it were not for my notes, I would be lost in the sauce in terms of what the hell it was that I had done and what to do after that, etc.nnAnd I am not one to curate a “digital garden”, or have a “second brain”, either (though, I can see how some may find that useful if they consume a lot of stuff, or even if they do not), but I just go along with it all (“it all” being life), and sometime some fast notes are helpful :)nnThat’s it for now

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