It’s raining here, and it is cool but not cold (56F). I already had coffee, and got an e-mail newsletter that mentioned another newsletter that I *used* to be subscribed to, but then lost access to my old e-mail account, and therefore forgot about the newsletter. It was a fun newsletter, and the writer of it I will not mention (no need), but I did a fast search to see if I could find the link to this particular newsletter again, and saw that said writer had a “day in my life” or “day in my work life” type of piece on a fairly large publication. Neat! So, I read through that, and it was certainly informative, fairly (somewhat) interesting, and kind of “amusing enough”.nnSo here’s the criticism – if a journalism publication has a series, such as “day in the life”, or “day in the work life”, which suggests that there could be a casualness involved with what is written, why write it in an (overly) formal tone? In terms of the **journalism** aspect to a series like that, there is hardly any “news” value to it, at all. I mean, a day in someone’s life is not something that has to be “neutral”, or be devoid of opinion, or rigid in any way. So, a type of casual narrative would have made the article (this one, in particular) sort of “click” more, with me. nnAnd the thing is, I read online journals, life logs, and personal blogs all day everyday, and there were numerous times in the “day in the work life” piece that sort of had me “taken aback” or jarred at *how* it was written. I honestly felt like I was reading any other blog post (or online journal entry) from a friend or like-minded blogger, but there were *blunt* and *obvious* moments of formality to the DITWL article.nnIt’s just a thing I noticed. Instead of a “behind the scenes”, or “inside scoop”, or “come with me on this journey, friends” type of narrative, it was more like “here are the things I did today, I wrote this, and now you’re reading it” type of separation of writer/reader, and I didn’t know what to make of that at first.nnJust my two cents.nnAnyway, the day is going to warm up throughout the day. I will make a short jaunt to BP in a little while. And probably have more coffee before that.nnback soon

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