*Heavy* winds coming through here. And rain along with it. And also having coffee. nnI got up and started the dishwasher right away, and cleaned up the kitchen, and in a minute here I have to call the pharmacy to confirm that the prescription is going to be delivered today. I will do so as soon as I finish the coffee.nn[*a few minutes later*]nnCoffee has not been finished yet, but I called and confirmed the delivery of the stomach meds, and it will be here *by* 6:00 PM. nn…OKnnThis morning would be better, as my stomach is churning, and indigested, but, this evening is better than tomorrow.nnThe #stlwx will shift in a little while. The rain/wind will stop, and I will make my way to Schnucks to get some (healthy) foods for the apartment. So, that’ll be a nice walk.nnSpring is here, and I am 100% happy about that 🙂 I plan on getting in many walks as the days go by. Good times.nnback soon

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