My brain is in a fog, I’m groggy and discombobulated – just waking up from a good nightly sleep. I don’t know what time I finally crashed out, but I think it was around midnight, and 3 – 3.5 hours of sleep is likely all I will get for tonight. Which is fine.nnAt 10:30 I will catch my ride to Schnucks, buy hella groceries for the apartment, maybe complete a couple other tasks when I am out and about. Gonna be a full and busy morning.nnThen, laundry tomorrow AM (Monday morning, that is). And also at that time, a general cleanup around the apartment.nnThe coffee is good, waking me up.nnLOL, it has taken me 15 minutes to write *this* much. Maybe I should step outside on the balcony with a smoke and try to wake myself up some more.nnBe back soon

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