2:00 PM on the dot. Sunny and beautiful here today (74F). I made coffee, and ordered my stomach meds (arriving tomorrow, but I wish it were today), and still awaiting for my apartment inspection to happen.nnI assume they will be here soon, and the apartment is ready to go, so I will stick around for a bit longer, but soon I have to walk to the store to get groceries, so….yea.nnI slept good throughout the morning and early afternoon, I don’t know how I became a Night Owl again all of a sudden, but I quite like it in the Spring/Summer/Fall months. Winter means *always* being a Night Owl, because there is nearly no sunlight in that garbage season. This past Winter during that four day ice storm, I felt completely wiped out and desolate, not to mention in pretty significant pain from the viral infection, and chipped tooth. Talk about a walk through Hell. I feel *way* better now, though. No more pain to speak of, and sunny days, and even when the #stlwx turns to rain, it is *warm* rain, and that is actually my favorite type of weather, and has been for years. Makes me feel rain forest-y ;)nnAnyway, I can hear the leasing manager + apartment inspector(s) out there, so they will be knocking soon, and then I will be off to Schnucks afterwards.nnback soon

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