up for it in the AM

6:33 AM. And I leave here at 8:45 for IC. Good times! :)

Had coffee, and sat balconyside with the crickets and minor sunrise, as it's coming to be Fall, and the sun is not out at this hour any longer. I hiked a few times this Summer, but hikes will become more frequent as Fall progresses, as does early Winter. Nice!

I sat here this morning, prior to deciding to write anything, and thought of writing, and what it has brought to me, or done for me, or what I have done with it - not a lot. I think of the 4+ years of writing on Write.as, has mostly signaled to me that (for me) writing was more or less a process of elimination. Or, writing that much was a process of elimination, to know that it (writing) is NOT want I want to do as either a full-time career nor a significant hobby. I still have entries here every so often, and I will continue to keep a "blog" (online journal, for me), but writing isn't exactly a thing I would consider "fruitful" in my life.

Frequency/dedication - maybe "hardcore" (and hardcore successful) writers such as Stephen King and Tolkien can make it work for them

Quality and wordsmanship - I may graze upon a sentence here and there on a rare few occassion that makes the hairs stand up on my arm, but usually it's all "the same old, same old"

Interest/passion - lol, only 26 letters in the alphabet, and I'm not privy to figure out what to do with combos of them any longer, haha

So, updates are ongoing, and will always be. But never like before.

Other things that came from 4 years of writing:

Made a few good friends in the blog space

The "process of elimination" and "trying out" the (writing) space was more or less fulfilled and/or ruled out as being "THE" way to go

I learned web dev in this same time period, though that could've happened either way, I suppose, but I'm glad either way

Anyhow, onto the day. And IC. I will write a thing this afternoon.


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