I woke up coughing from having spit gone down “the wrong tube” in my throat, so it was an immediate and violent cough, and I thought I would puke, so I went to the bathroom to “cough it out”, but didn’t puke, so I slammed water, instead. Now, I am wide awake and making coffee.nnSo, that’s how *this* day starts, haha.nnLuckily, the coffee is bold, the air coming in from the sliding glass door is cool/fresh, and I feel OK.nnLOL, this chair in the kitchen has about bit the dust. It started as a thin rubber/plastic material that had padding underneath, but now, the rubber/plastic has hardened to a rigid, cardboard-like material that cracks and splits when I sit on it, and the padding has flattened out to be almost nothing. So, it may be time to get a new chair, eventually.nn*If* I get a new chair, then I will get a new desk and migrate the entire desk/office setup into the bedroom, in front of the window, and be able to do what I do with a view 🙂 That is definitely in the cards for February, or so.nnAnyway, I think I will have a workout this morning. Resistance bands, as hiking is out of the question, unfortunately. I miss hiking so fxxxing much, it is unreal.nn[*20 minutes later*]nnHad a quick workout. 60 curls with the resistance bands (3 sets of 20). 40 pound band. I love resistance bands – *much* easier/better than weights. Then, a 60 second prone position yoga pose, to tighten up the core. Have gotten results there, too. Love this small routine.nnOK, it has been an hour since I started this blog post, so I will wrap it up. Coffee is long finished. Day has started. Back later.

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