I’m awake this morning. Like, awake-awake. And the coffee has been made, and I slept well (only waking up between 2:30 and 3:00), and now I am ready to go :)nnI am not “going” anywhere until 11:00 or so, though. I still have to text to confirm that I am getting a ride to the O’Family get together. Or confirm *with* my ride – I will get out there one way or the other. nnSo, So, SO many decorations to put up today. Totes going up and down the stairs, things being removed from walls and then *other* things being put ONTO the walls, etc. There is also a tree to set up, as well. And ornaments to put on. A lot of stuff. Will be cool.nnAnyway, now, the coffee is done (as in, it has been consumed), and I am expecting a package from Home Depot (mom’s gift), but it will likely arrive while I am oot and aboot. It will be here when I get home, though. nnBack later

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