Just woke up from having slept four more hours (how? I don't know). I feel good, well rested, and ready to head to Crusoe's Restaurant at around 12:45 for their amazing 'za and to talk with the moms and my sister, "C", about anything/everything. We'll talk a fair bit about my late-Father, I am sure.

Now, I make coffee, enjoy the sunny day, and stay inside where I am avoiding the single-digit temps outside, haha. Cold cold cold.

Also, I am slowly but surely realizing how much I need to buy a vacuum for my apartment. There was a really cool one by a co called "Wyze" that my sister got for Xmas, and I even tried it out over at her house (to see if I would like to buy one), and I would like to buy one - so, I am considering it. The Rucker 3.0 backpack is a top priority for me, but the chances of me doing much hiking in February is fairly slim, because temps will be like they are today, rendering a backpack purchase useless for this particular month. And if a hiking opportunity arises, I can always go sans-backpack for the time being (and still Geocache, as well).

IDK, I am considering the vacuum purhcase, and it is a necessary purchase that I have put off for several years (always borrowing a vacuum when my apartment needed it, instead). But, my interests/priorities for now are pretty much still leaned towards the Rucker 3.0. I just wanted to get BOTH "arguments" out there, to sort of process the Pros/Cons through writing (even though I didn't go as far as to weigh out the Pros/Cons).

For now, I will say that the Rucker is the more likely purchase for February, and maybe I can prioritize the vacuum in March, right around time Spring Cleaning starts to happen (even though that would really be April - and I DO "Spring clean" every year where I rid myself of stuff that isn't serving me well, and also deep-the-fuck-clean out of every corner of my apartment. A vacuum purchase would be a great choice then :))

OK, on with the day!