It's "6:45" AM, and the clock in the kitchen reads 5:45, because of Daylight Savings Time nonsense. I just go with whatever the computer tells me, and then set the oven clock accordingly when the difference between the two clocks becomes unbearable. But yes, DST is a pain in the ass.

I made coffee already this morning. And I think I slept well, too (even taking DST into account). And today will be a sunny, warm day, and I will likely have the floor fan running with the sliding glass door open, as well. Typical pre-Spring day here, sorta.

The coffee is good, and is waking me up. Birds are chirping away outside, anticipating the good weather ahead of them (I am assuming - animals can sense stuff like that).

I very much so need to take a shower this AM, because I didn't get one in yesterday, due to a number of factors (laziness being one of them). And later on in the morning I will make a walk to Schnucks and buy some necessary food.

Tomorrow, I do laundry at 6:00 AM (like every Monday).

Nothing else happening here

back soon