Slept from something like 2:45 AM until 7:00 AM, and I napped before that last night, so not *too bad* of sleep, I’d say. I FEEL very well-rested and good. Which is good because I have a full day ahead of me. nnAt 9:00 I will go and fetch smokes and a soda, because why not? And then at 10:30 head to the ‘rents to do a BOATLOAD of tasks over there. Gonna get a workout in, that is for sure – up the stairs, down the stairs, walking around the house, etc. etc. Busyness.nnIn fact, just to save myself the hassle of making *another* trip up/down the stairs, I think I will leave my Xmas decor here for now and bring it over there sometime in early-January, as it can just go in the walk-in closet here at my apartment for now.nnI already had coffee and a pipe of VA/Per tobacco – very nice. And I also ordered my usual 1 pound(!) bag of VA/Per tobacco from TobaccoPipes(.com) last night, as well as the SG Navy Flake I mentioned before, too. Surprised *any* SG stuff is in-stock. Almost unheard of for them to have *that* much (517 tins were available of the Navy Flake alone, according to the checkout cart (probably a 2 tin per checkout limit on all of them, too – as people can/will stockpile 20 tins of the stuff when it hits the market, sometimes)). Oddly, with the cover art, I almost feel as if I have *had* this blend before, which I know isn’t true, but…IDK. I’ll see if I recall any flavor notes when it arrives.nnI’m wearing junk/laundry day clothes today, because I have literally ALL of my laundry to do at the ‘rents later on. I need to gather all that stuff up, get it ready for when I walk out the door.nnback soon

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