48F right now with a high of 61 – perfect weather for all the running around we have to do. I already mentioned all the places we are going, things we are doing, yesterday, so I won’t repeat it all, but there is a LOT we have to do. Gonna be busy, indeed.nnMums the word on the tobacco order, it moved from Cincinnati to Wester Chester, Ohio yesterday afternoon, and hasn’t budged since. It both says it is “In Transit To Next Facility” *and* that it “Arrived” at a facility in West Chester – but without it having ever departed WC. So…wth?nnOther than packages from out of the country, I don’t think I have ever waited well over a week for something to arrive. Crazy.nnI am starting my day with soda, and not coffee, because I am out of coffee. Even that five pound container of Folgers grounds that I used for camp coffee has been used up(!). Took me close to a year to use it all, but it is gone now. Instant coffee is a must-buy today, for sure.nnBack later

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